Some people are tricking others into referral

Since Zerodha has started sharing brokerage with their customers/partners who refer a new client, some people have started tricking people into creating a new account with their link, by offering fake promises. While signing up with their referral the new client does not get to know any details about the introducer and his benefits. After creating the account sometimes the new customer feels cheated and wants to unmap himself from his introducer but Zerodha doesn’t provide any option for this.

Aren’t some preventive measures needed from Zerodha’s side? At least to report such bad practicing people and unmap ourselves from under them?

Why don’t you create a ticket on this and share it by private message here. We will see what can be done about it.

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I did create a ticket but the support said that they don’t have any way to verify anything so they cannot do anything about it.
Is it possible to message you privately here?

Yeah, please do.