Some Top Performing Mutual Funds Not Available

Today I was going through list of mutual funds in both direct(coin) and non direct platforms, I observed that the following top performing mutual funds are not available in your platform:

  1. SBI Small & Midcap Fund
  2. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund
  3. DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund
    Also I observed that the entire Franklin Group is listed only on Non direct platform and not in direct Coin platform?
    Please can you say why is it so?
    Atleast the top performing funds should be available!
    Can you add the above mentioned funds in your mutual fund platform and also add the Franklin group to coin direct mutual fund platform.
    If these funds are not available then investors are missing their chance to invest in the best performing funds!
    Please look into this issue.

All these 3 funds have stopped accepting fresh inflows.

Franklin is in the final stages of upgrading their systems to offer direct MF in demat form, so the funds should be available on Coin soon.


Any plans of including “SBI Small & Midcap Fund - Direct Plan” fund? The performance of this fund outclasses it’s nearest competitors and yet this is not included in Coin!

After raising this question I understand that SBI has closed any further investment opportunities into this fund:

Any idea if there are any such funds / stocks which will give very good returns like the above?

Comparing ONLY absolute returns of various fund types (large, mid, small) is not a good way to decide where to invest.
For how many years do you want that money to be invested in? How much volatility are you able to digest ?


I see that a lot of mutual funds are missing on the Zerodha platform. I generally look at the fund details on and invest using Zerodha. But I have observed that a lot of funds are not present on the platform. This causes me to now invest using zerodha because I can’t seem to find the fund.

Couple of funds that I was interested in but not able to find on zerodha:

I tried searching using your search box. Also tried looking through the long list of available mutual funds.

I also see that a lot of categories of equity funds are missing in your list

I do not see any Large Cap, Small and Mid cap funds in your long list of available funds.

Am I not searching correctly or are the funds not present in Zerodha? Are there any plans to get all the funds to the platform?

Why there is no SBI small and mid cap mutual funds in coin?

How can someone invest in it?

I am trying to search ‘SBI small and Midcap Fund’ from in your Coin Direct Platform. But I am not able to find it!

Which funds you list in your Direct/In-Direct Mutual funds ? What is your criteria ? Is the above fund not listed because it is not approved by CRISIL yet ?

I want to invest in SBI small and midcap fund in sip or lumsum but fund has closed fresh entry so is there any way to invest in this fund

No! You cannot invest in the fund as it is not accepting new funds anymore.

like sbi mid n small cap,
dsp br micro cap…

Can soneone plz answer this question… i want to buy same MF but it is not listed

I also want to buy sbi small and midcap & dsp blackrock microcap funds.

Both are Suspended Temporarily, so you can’t buy right now.


@mitul_modi @Chanchal_Gupta @vimal9005 Like @saiography has answered, both the funds have stopped accepting fresh inflows.

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Even Reliance small cap is missing from direct.

@Bhuvan DSP BR Small Cap [earlier Micro Cap] Fund is now accepting new SIP requests, but still isn’t appearing in Coin. Can you look into this?

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Fund is available only on the Coin app.

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@Bhuvan what is the rationale behind making it app only?

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is DSP Small Cap Fund - Equity - Small Cap available in Coin? i am unable to find it.