Sort and filter by CAGR in Coin

When searching through mutual funds, sorting by AUM, Expense Ratio, etc is possible. Please add an option to sort by CAGR.

I know it is not advisable to blindly pick the most performing MF, but atleast seeing top 10 directly would be a great addition.

Also allow us to put in a specific value when filtering by CAGR. Right now, the only options are 5% ,10% ,15%, etc. When searching debt funds, if I consider >6.5% to be good performing, I cannot filter or sort and get to them now. Almost every liquid or debt is in 5-10% category, which means the filter is useless.

Same for large cap funds. If I am manually enter the past 5 year CAGR of nifty 50, I can easily filter the large cap funds that have at least beat the index. (This should be somethin that Coin shows by default on the graph, i.e whether it beat the fund’s benchmark or not).