Sorting of Queries by date in TradingQnA website?

It would be great if the option of filtering the queries by date is provided in the TradingQnA website. Option can be provided like “Active by Date”. Queries can be attached to the last date on which a certain activity occurs in it like editing, comment, closure etc. Voting need not be considered as activity.

By this, I can go through the queries based on active by date during the weekend without missing any.

You can go to Questions -> Recent (top navigation) to get the complete list of questions sorted by date in descending order.

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  • To sort queries of everyone
  • To sort queries of a particular person (replace your name with the person's name)

If you dont know the registered name, click his name link and go to his profile page, you can see the registered name in the address bar

  • To sort all the answers, say by Nithin (if you have patience to see all the 442 answers, lol :)

You can replace with anyone else's name too.

There is a tech bug issue with your tradingqna .

In “all categiries” , i din’t get posts of “zerodha” , “algo strategies code” , taxation" etc etc .

Ideally , one should get all the posts in “all categories”

Pls kindly rectify the bug .

It is in laptop computer website


You can go to the ‘Questions’ section and then to the recent tab available at the top of navigation to get the queries sorted by descending order in terms of date.