Source for Comprehensive historical data of all stocks and indices ( Past 10-15 years )?

I am interested in also knowing events of importance that took place , both company specific ( stock splits , dividends , management change , new products , remarkable quarterly results ) and from macro economic perspective ( elections , rbi policy , industrial data , inflation index etc )

Have you tried Google Finance? It highlights important events specific to companies. Macro data is quite scattered which makes it a challenge to source. Checkout trading economics, they do provide the data for a fee.

If you're looking for Daily data i.e. not intraday data, respective exchanges are the most reliable sources. But if you want to download the data using APIs, Yahoo Finance or QuanDL is a good source.

I am looking for regular intraday historical data. Like if i am working on sunday on the weekly events and need intraday data for the past week in excel… Can i get it from Pi or some other source on zerodha.