Sources to learn profitable swing trading

Any good sources to learn profitable trading?? I have just started trading and felt intraday isn’t for me very first day, so opted for swinging so all I can see books over youtubing and googling, many books about day trading but not much for swinging. So please share some good books , articles and experiences to learn from and help me and many others. Please.

zerodha varsity will be a good place to start for basics of trading. after that you can focus on specific type of trading.

Hi there, Just a note… I have completed all modules at Varsity but still want to learn more more and more.

Check out LearnApp

Yes definitely Crash course.


thanku ronin. I would consider that but anyone can suggest some book from an experienced trader to start ?

Practice Paper trading in Tradingview. Nothing better than this !

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I bet you really need something better out there with that point anyway. How else we could make something like that totally? You still need to google and youtubing and maybe even facebooking for some groups on that, it’s way to find most recent way!

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hahaha… thnxx buddy…

that’s exactly what i did in the beginning.

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Try to learn Swing Trading from Adam Khoo. You can find him on Youtube.