South Indian Bank - Rights Issue

I am stockholder for South Indian and they announced a Rights Issue with a record date of 17th feb. I will be having the shares in my demat on record date. I understand that they will intimate the shareholders with their eligibility by post. Is there an electronic way of subscribing to these rights ? I dont want to miss out on the rights issue because say operationally the offer letter didnt show up by post at my place before the stipulated time. Does anyone have experience with this ?


Being a shareholder of a company, when you are eligible for a Rights Issue, the Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) will send you a Rights Issue Application form/Tender form to your registered address as per your demat account and they will also send you this form via email to your registered email ID. The details of the Rights issue will be mentioned in the form which primarily includes the Rights Issue ratio and the Book closure date, on or before which your Tender form has to reach the registrar.

The Rights Issue shares will be available at a discount to the market price, almost like an open priviledge to all the shareholders of the stock. For those who wish to apply for the issue, they have to submit the filled tender form to the registrar with the amount payable either through cheque, DD or ASBA(Application Supported by Blocked Amount). Once the issue allotment is completed, the stocks will be credited to your demat account within 15 to 20 days from the Book Closure date.

Has anyone received the rights application form?

Yes. I have received the composite application form today (27/2/2017). The issue opens on 28th Feb and closes on 14th March.

I didn’t get it yet. Is there any way to request for the form?

I am unable to find South Indian Bank on ASBA. My ASBA account is Kotak Mahindra Bank. I talked to the Bank managers and they say that they do not know how to set the ASBA for Right Issue.

For online application -

The controlling branches of the SCSBs(Self Certified Syndicate Banks) which coordinate with the Registrar to the Issue, the Lead Manager and the Stock Exchange is available in the link below:

ASBA is the Application (whether physical or electronic) used to apply for Equity Shares in the Issue, together with an authorisation to an SCSB to block the Application Money in the ASBA Account.

An ASBA account is one maintained with an SCSB which will be blocked by such SCSB to the extent of the Application Money, as specified in the CAF or plain paper applications, as the case maybe.

Tried below link

In that -> Investor Services -> Enquiries ->Rights Issues-> Application Format - Plain Paper ->South Indian Bank Limited - Rights Issue

There give combination of DPID+Client Id (16 nos)

This worked for me

Hello Mr Thomas,

I tried this link but could not get an email. However I will try morning during market hours, hope this will work.
Can you also tell me what do I do after getting the form . Where do I submit that and to whom?

Can I submit online?

Do I give dd along with it.
I came to know today is the last date for split application form. What is that.

Since you have already submitted plz help me with the process. I am new to trading . Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you