Sovereign Gold Bond 2017-18

Dear Zerodha,

What is the process to buy “Sovereign Gold Bond 2017-18” using Kite/Q?


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You can place orders here -

Thank you. May be this can be added to the home page of Kite during the period. Just a small suggestion

Good idea. :slight_smile:

Another Question: How do I check my order for gold bond?

What is the price at which the SGB is selling on zerodha on 11th october 2017 ? It did show as 2906 when i placed the order, however 2956 were deducted. Will I get some cash back after the order is complete ?

Gentle Reminder.

Let us know how to track the SGB order either in Kite/Q.


I don’t think there is any way to check the status online. You can email them on support@

You would have received a confirmation email.

I mailed zerodha with the same question. They said that they deduct 2956 for now, but when the bonds are allocated they will give a refund of 50 rs.

will the allocated gold bonds will be displayed in kite holdings?

Yes, they will be once the bonds hit your demat. The current tranche has not yet been allotted, you can keep track of all the latest announcements here.

The bonds are already available in my Demat account. Let me know when they will be displayed in Kite

Can we sell those after the allocation completed?

Where did you check like what statement to see to know whether SGB has come in Demat or not?

incase i am buying through Zerodha from my demat account at the time of maturity the amount will be credited to my Zerodha account or to my bank account

you can login into CDSL and see the details

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need answer to this urgently. pls help

I punched order through Zerodha to buy SGB but now decided to cancel it. Whats the procedure. Any idea?

Any idea when is the next tranche?

You can keep track of the announcements here