Square Off in BSE Only (not NSE)

I purchased 10 shares of TataMotors from NSE which are reflected in my demat.  If I now click Square Off, will Zerodha PI  square off these shares in  NSE or BSE ? How to ensure that the square off is done in BSE only ?  Thanks.

Squareoff takes based on symbol which you have selected in holdings so, if you press squareoff if it is NSE script it takes NSE only, automatically.

you can see the trading symbol and find the difference of BSE and NSE


for NSE the symbol will be TATAMOTORS-EQ

for BSE the symbol will be TATAMOTORS

The NSE symbol was, as you said TATAMOTORS-EQ…
And on a related note, if I now want to sell this in BSE, is that possible ? I get better profit on BSE for this trade.