square off short stock options on expiry day

hi i am an options seller,i short a lot of otm contracts and hold them till expiry to get full premium.my question is, will i be able to square off every position i entered on expiry?because i see a lot of contracts in deep otm strikes still open on expiry without getting squared off,what happens to all those contracts?and to sellers of those contracts?i want to know if i’ll be able to square off all contracts at Rs0.05 on expiry

It’ll depend if the sellers are available or not. If there are buyers you will be able to square-off.

Btw, if the contract is OTM, you can leave it to expire, it’ll expire worthless and as an option seller, you will get to keep the entire premium received.

you mean sellers right?because i will be buying on expiry.if i leave it to expire automatic system square off happens at undesired price like at Rs.0.10-0.15 and i will lose that premium in stock options unlike in index options.

Ah, my bad. Yes, sellers.

The position will be square-off only if you take it in MIS, if you take a position in NRML, it won’t be and will expire worthless.

all these years I’ve been closing my positions at Rs.0.05 on expiry and losing that much amount every month which is in thousands.there is this “do not exercise” button which i haven’t used even once,should i click that for every position to leave them to expire?

It means not squaring of a shorted option is best because in that case full premium would be received by the seller of option.Am I right ? Please

0.05 is such a party amount .I think it is the lowest amount teacher on expiry.and you say you lost 1000s ? Can you explain ?

lot size 1500,no.of lots 80.