Stamp duties for multiple trade in a day


I am from Karnataka . How is stamp duty calculated? Suppose i did 1 trade in Futures and 1 trade in options in a day will i be charged 0.01% or Rs50 on both segments or i will be charged 50 Rs at once? and say I traded all segments in a day Nifty Futures, Nifty options, 1kg Gold Commodity, Future USDINR currency and Trade of 100000 in equity delivery. How much will be the stamp duty?. 

My other doubt is say I take a positional trade on Gold, the turnover will be about 26lakhs will I be charged 50Rs for today on buy turnover and again 50Rs while selling after 10days . If Yes Is this the same rule for all segments?

Stamp duty is charged on the day’s transaction. Its charged separately for each segment of each Exchange.

So if you’ve traded in BSE Equity, NSE Equity, NSE F&O, NSE CDS, you’d be charged a total of Rs.200 as Stamp duty [Assuming turnover is more than 5 lacs on each segment]. Multiple trades in the same segment of the same Exchange is clubbed to arrive at the Stamp duty obligation.

On your query about Gold, yes, Stamp duty will be charged separately as Rs.50 & Rs.50 on 2 different days if your buy date is different from sell date.