Stamp duty Higher in Telangana, why?

Anyone tell why telangana

why stamp duty is higher in telangana compare to other sates? like delhi karnataka

State govt sets it

Stamp Duty are fixed by the respective state you are residing in:
Refer to Article 38(b) here for Telangana Stamp Duty Act on securities
Some states don’t have a stamp duty Act where the charges are applicable as per Indian Stamp Act, 1899.

Stamp Duty has been increased consistently lately by states. Something I believe the trading community must lobby against.


if I want to save stamp duty charges then I can open my account where the stamp duty is less…

Andhra pradesh.

Hi Abrar,

This depends on the correspondence address you have registered with the broker, if you want to save on this, you will have to update an address from a state where the stamp duty is lower.
You can take a peek at the link below to see the stamp duty at various states:
If a particular state is not on the above list, the stamp duty will be as per the state of the broker, in Zerodha’s case, it will be Karnataka state stamp duty applicable.

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yes trading community really must act. Its high time now!
I’m residing in gurgaon and stamp duty here is 0.01%, the highest in the entire country.
Scalping is not an option for me anymore.

I also believe this kind of move(high stamp duty) will actually be welcomed by fund managers and big institutions because this discourages speculation and promotes long term investing, which benefits them.