Stamp Duty in Bihar

Why different broker charges different stamp duty on the addresses which are not listed in the dropdown of states name (Like those following under OTHERS for eg Bihar).

Zerodha , Tradejini , Aliceblue and many other charges 0.003%
Samco charges 0.002%
Tradeplus charges 0.035% (max Rs31.5 per day)

Why there is so much difference?

We charge according to the state of correspondence address, also from july 1st uniform stamp duty will be charged then it would be same across all states.

Yes I agree, It depends on correspondence address but why different broker charge different stamp duty for same correspondence state.

Zerodha charges 0.003% for Bihar state but Samco charges 0.002% for the same state while Tradeplus charges 0.035% for the same Bihar state.