Starting a new SIP in the beginning or end of the month

Does it make any difference if I start a new SIP in the beginning or end of every month?

You can pray in the morning, you can pray in the evening, doesn’t matter. Same thing here also.


God doesn’t listen to our prayers either of the times. Is it the same here?

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I have been investing through SIP for past 2 years and have noticed investing at the beginning of the month gives less NAV as compared to the end of the month. It applies to all of my SIPs, not just one.

This is just my personal view and it may not be true in case of sectorial mutual funds like IT, FMCG, Pharma, etc.

Check the price of the Unit(NAV) for that fund in Google or on any other sites like Moneycontrol and compare how much units you may get for the money you invest when allocation is complete. Always invest when the NAV is low.

According to research with the help of moneycontrol’s article, it is seen that 5th to 10th of ever month is the best date to start SIP.

And from my own experience, my analysis on my portfolio on particular fund, 13-15th is the best date to start SIP.

To conclude this, there is no magic date that gives high return as each fund has up and down on same dates monthly. However, invest in before 15th is the good way for SIP. But I suggest you to pick the fund, and analyze hypothetically in moneycontrol or valueresearch.

Hope it helps!


For such queries, you need to consult a financial expert. Many people today are relying on SIP investment plan by Kotak Mutual Funds as these ensure better returns on investment.

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Having financial expert for mutual fund is good thing but regular plan isn’t looking good.

A fee only financial planner is the key here than a financial expert. Trusting all your money to ONLY one particular Fund house is not a good practice. All eggs should not be in one basket for sake of security and diversification.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. --Benjamin Franklin

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