Startup Economy ๐ŸŒฑ - Interesting Updates from this Booming Space

Considering the speed with which technology is changing the businesses, The most interesting space which is attracting lot of attention from last couple of years is Startups.

As we all know, Some of the Startups of today may become Blue chips of the future.

Let us share and discuss here about Startups which are innovating and challenging and changing the current business models.

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#1 Thaely

This startup makes sneakers (a $70 billion market) which are made of garbage (12 plastic bottles and handful of trash bags). And for $110, they will be shipped anywhere in the world.

Excerpt from this tweet (Donโ€™t miss the video) :

#2 NoBroker

NoBroker operates a brokerage-free real estate platform and captures the entire customer journey from listing a house to hiring packers and movers, securing a home loan, painting and cleaning services, legal services and rent payments, among other things.

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