State govt employees

There is a rule by central govt according to central civil services code of conduct 1964 that govt servants cannot do speculation in stocks like intraday or F&O. But I want to know it is only applicable for central govt employees right ??
If someone is a govt employee under state govt can he do speculative trading legally ???pls answer .

No trading is allowed for govt sector employees be it state or PSUs. But we are Indians there is always an easy jugaad of trading in name of parents/spouse/children/sibling. Easy as.

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Whether it be Center or State, you are still a government employee and rules under CCS Code should apply to everyone in that matter.

What government employees can’t invest/trade in markets?

ALL govt employees are restricted wrt trading according to CCS rules. You can only invest for long term.

The rule itself is very grey. What constitutes occasional/frequent and how to decide it and by whom? If one can “invest” by buying shares/mutual funds “occasionally” then they can very well “trade” in options/futures in guise of hedging that investment.
I’m just trying to dig.
How strict is the implementation by govt authorities in this regard? Any real life stories of prosecution might help.
Can moderators/experts put some lights on it.
Thanks in advance

Got this small thread on tradingqna which doesn’t have adequate answers but still worth a read