Statewise Car ownership data

Anand Mahindra, The Chairman of Mahindra group has shared this interesting picture via tweet with some intriguing data.

@ all - How do you view this data? Globally we are way below the per family car metric but considering the challenges that we have as a nation with over population, lower income levels , space constraints and so on.

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i am surprised by this data. With these percentage the traffic on road is so much.

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Yeah but its very concentrated in metros and cities and our infra is very bad. like good road per car metrics…

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No surprise, he wants to sell more cars. :laughing:

We still need better roads, better connectivity between cities, and much larger satellite cities to be built for the growth of our country and economy.

I dream of the day we have an Indian autobahn connecting the metro and tier 2 cities.

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Tier 2/3 cities and rural markets are going to be key for auto companies.

And used car :red_car: market is also growing quickly