Statistics of Zerodha

Request zerodha to publish the following data.

Total number of registered traders and active traders.

Profitability of traders with respect to amount of capital.

Profitability with respect to Back Order and Normal Orders.

My view is people trading in Bracket Order are loosing money. Can anyone contest this?

How many Number of people trading in options buying and making money.

At least this info can be shared with traders at zerodha.


Why is your view that people who trade in bracket order lose money?

Whenever I enter into BO it always hits stop loss and end up losing money.

This is especially for new traders. We take BO to get some leverage so forced to set tight target and stop loss limits.

The funny thing is several times it happened to me, it just touches my stop loss limit and then falls.

In this sense less capital is more prone to losses.

If Zerodha publish data then we can know.

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Seldom do highly leveraged products suit a beginner, especially someone trading tight with a very close Stoploss to the entry price.

Will find out if any of this data is available, and if it is, will post it here.

Hmm… I will share whatever little I can on a public domain. We are a total of around 2.4lk users as of today, around 1.5lks have traded atleast once in the last 1 year.

Whatever little data we have seen, people who take the least leverage are the most profitable. It doesn’t matter what is the size of the account, lesser the leverage/margin used per trade higher the profitability.

Same holds true for brackets, people using brackets for additional leverage tend to be less profitable compared to people trading normal orders. On the flip side, people who use brackets as a risk check tend to be more profitable compared to people trading normal orders.


When we use BO, artificial Inteligence of Algo Traders can easily detect the Stop Loss Orders and Manipulate in illiquid stocks.

Hmmm… Hari, there usually are a lot of conspiracy theories around this. There is no use of artificial intelligence on this. Yes Algo traders who subscribe to TBT feed from exchange can see orders placed at every price. But can they manipulate, that is up for debate.

But I can tell you this, most HFT algo’s etc participate only if there is liquidity. They have to trade higher quantities, only then would it make business sense for them. Retail traders have a huge advantage here since you can stay light and move in and out of trades without any impact cost.

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