STBT allowed in zerodha 2020

Is STBT equity allowed in zerodha for mis to cnc converted order ? taking about short selling mis order converted to cnc.

STBT isn’t allowed. Also, if you don’t have shares in your holdings you cannot convert Short MIS position to CNC.

Hi Sir, can u assist me over this

Scene 1: i short sell MIS @400, can i convert it to CNC. (I HAVE NOTHING IN DEMAT FOR THAT SHARE.

Scene 2:i short sell MIS @400 and have holding @390(buy price) lets say, in this case if i convert it to CNC, what would happen to the share in my holding. As intraday mis sell when converted to cnc it pop up u have no holding, so what i believe to convert mis sell to cnc u need to have that share in holding.

My doubt if i have holding @390 and i did sell mis @400 and convert it to cnc, what actually happen with my holding.

Request u to pls explain. please explain with the price i mentioned.