STCG negative in parts in ITR 2

Imagine I have short term capital gains from sale of equity shares for India financial year 2016-17as below (Figures are hypothetical, but the concept is exactly how I am facing it)

Gain of Rs.11000 in Upto 15/9
Gain of Rs.15000 in 16/9-15/12
Loss of Rs.1000 in16/12 to 15/3
Loss of Rs. 5000 16/3 to 31/3
There are no carried forward losses or other losses which I can set off against this. Using the official government website to file the return, I am using ITR 2 java utility to fill the details. As I have a total gain of Rs.20000 for the financial year, have filled Schedule CG, section A2 to reflect this. Corresponding details are auto populated in Schedule BFLA as Rs.20000 short term capital gain taxable @ 15%.

While filling Section F1 of Schedule CG with information about accrual/receipt of capital gain, I need to split the gain into four different time duration as

Upto 15/9 (i)
16/9 to 15/12 (ii)
16/12 to 15/3 (iii)
16/3 to 31/3 (iv)
I have provided Rs.11000 gain against Upto 15/9 (i), Rs.15000 gain against 16/9 to 15/12 (ii). However, I can not provide -1000 &-5000 against 16/12 to 15/3 & 16/3 to 31/3 (iv) as the field does not accept negative values. I couldn’t see any other place where I can provide this detail either.

Now Section F1 of Schedule CG has a total of Rs.26000 and Schedule BFLA has a total of Rs.20000 which does not tally and the form can not be submitted.

Can anyone please help how I can represent this short term capital loss of Rs.1000 & 5000 occurred in ITR 2 correctly?

You Can calculate the Capital Gain complete for the Year and then while putting segregation between various quarters you can offset the loss against the first quarter first and the carry on. By doing so if you are left with positive Gain which is more or equal to last quarter you can fill complete amount in last.

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