Still confused about intraday trading

I am giving a lot of time learning intraday trading but still confused

  1. which stocks to buy/sell everyday?
  2. what time of the day to decide about these stocks?
  3. what tools I should I use to decide when to enter/exit
  4. Where can I learn in depth ? any books or any where else?

Sarcastic people stay away…only experience and sincere people comment.

First of all I dont know why people ask about books. What you will learn from practical experience is much more than books. Because anything is much more than zero.

That being said, what is your intraday trading? Equity intraday, Futures intraday or Options?


Mainly equity and few times options …nothing else

Search Smart Trader, VC Trader, Jaano aur Seekho on youtube… There are many more but these are genuine ones. Then follow and learn from them as well as a nearby local classes. Also keep watching the market but don’t invest in anything as you don’t know anything. So first learn or you’ll get losses as many have already even me… So learn, experience it and then start slowly after few months from 1 share and go on when you’ll be trained. So get proper training and then start trading. And you’ll get more than enough knowledge from those traders for now as a newbie… Also don’t just keep reading books. Experience it practically.


Well I may also suggest amol training YouTube channel live trading videos as its 1 hour long & he also shows his live trading & explains reason in live market…He just uses support & resistance level… Only for futures not option there…

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A lot of study material is available on, etc. Read there too.