Stock advice for stock selection

As zerodha does not give any tip on stock selection, from where I can know about those small cap stocks which will turn big in the next 5 years?

you think someone will just hand you a bunch of good performing stocks on a silver platter?

What world are you living in?

In any case, below are your options.

  1. if you want put in the work, learn fundamentals / DCF / stock valuation techniques and then invest your self(Warren Buffet style)
  2. if you don’t want to put in work, just buy any Midcap/small cap fund or ETFs.

Good luck with your hunting.

TA can help you , with pinch of “Fundas” If possible keep tracking on regular basis of NIFTY 500 index stocks

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should be the other way around…Fundas with a pinch of TA. :wink: