Stock Btst on ex dividend date?


If I do Btst one day before ex Dividend date
That is for NLC india ex div date is 24th March
If I buy on 23rd March and sell on 24th March (BTST) will I receive Dividend??
Virtually I am not taking delivery. so my name will not appear in records in this case.So how will I receive Dividend in this case?

What should I do in this case??


If you purchase one day before the Ex-dividend date which is called as Ex-cum date and sell it the next date, you are still eligible for the dividend. Since the stock is in Zerodha’s pool account, dividends on that stock get credited to Zerodha’s bank account. When the money gets credited to Zerodha’s bank account, we in turn credit it to the clients trading account with us. An entry similar to below is made on clients ledger with us.

We do this credit of dividend to trading account once a week for all our clients (typically on a Thursday). So if the dividend is passed out on Monday, clients who have pledged their stocks with us might get it only by next Thursday.

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