Stock came back from Position to Holding


I’ll lead it through an example:

Suppose I bought 1000 shares of xyz yesterday at 50 Rs each(1000 show up in my holding tab) , today I sold all of them at 60 (1000 moved to position tab), as price was still on rise I bought 500 of them at 61.

The 500 stock which I bought at 61 are showing in my holding tab average price is still showing 50 Rs and -500 are showing in my position tab and average price is 60 over there.

I didn’t get that if I have bought is to 61 why is it showing avg price as 50 and why has it came back to holding instead of position.
Please help !

If you sold first from holding later on the bought back again on same day it will be consider as Intraday trade. So buy price will show according to the price which you have bought today in the position window.

but its showing yesterday’s buy price even when I bought it today.

Where your able to see the buy avg price is previous day price in position window or Q .