Stock data app - data vending charges

I am building a mobile app that displays stock prices and real-time data from Zerodha, true data and global data feeds app. Do I have to get it approved by NSE and pay them the fee which is about Rs. 20L? GlobalDataFeed asked me that it’s required, but it is kinda preposterous and I want to know if the 100s of apps out there have even paid this and I feel using true data and Zerodha, I shouldn’t need to pay the exchange.

You need to pay for data if you want to display it for all on your website. Exchanges make a lot of money on data vendoring so they won’t let it go. As a broker we can show data behind a login to all our clients for free.

Yeah, they would have if they are popular and big enough, anyhow all it takes is one complaint on that website to shut down if they are not paying for data. There may be many small apps also which are not paying but they are so small to be bothered.