Stock future contact settlement on expiry

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I want to know about at which price future contract settled on expiry if i hold my position till expiry.

The closing price of the underlying in cash market on expiry day is what futures get settled to.

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Thanks for your valuable answer. Please tell me that
Is this means all my profit or loss will be difference of future price purchase less spot price at expiry of underlying asset.

If you don’t square off your future position on expiry, it will be settled as per the closing price of that of the underlying. Btw, most stock future contracts now have physical delivery to it, which means you will have to take or give delivery of the stock if you don’t exit the positions.

Suggest you to go through F&O modules here before trading

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Please tell me one more thing is it also applicable to Option settlement at expiry.

Yep, all F&O on exercise gets settled to the underlying closing price.

i just want to know physical delivery is also applicable to OPTION buying & selling if i hold position till the expiry.

If the scrip is in the list of physically settled contracts, all futures and options contracts of that scrip will be physically settled.

is this also apply to index future & option ?? or index future and option will be cash settled at expiry if i hold and not squre off.
Please help as i am too confused in all this.

Yes, cash settled