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Boss is always boss
Bhuvanesh unlisted … Nithin listed it again

Nithin rocked:sunglasses::sunglasses:


lol :joy::joy:


I’m sure, market will not go down for next 2 days :grinning:


I’m sure, market will not go down for next 2 days :grinning:

Best joke posted until now


Market is a place where two types of people meet up, in the morning :
those with experience and those with money.

Towards the end of the day, they exchange their assets and go home.


What is this? :thinking:


You must have got experience end of the day :grinning:



संभालने का मौका तो दो



The jeweller doesn’t ask;
The politician doesn’t ask;
The businessman doesn’t ask;

The Panwala is the only guy who asks you for permission ~ bhai choona lagaaun?
kitna lagaaun kum ya zyada?

Respect Him!





This place is really good to have a fun & relief (specially during the time when we are just losing money everyday). Thanks to all posters. But the best humor I found is this: Aakanksha calls Sandesh as Sanket everytime and Sandesh even replies to that :joy: :joy:




They both together can’t manipulate stock market so trying to manipulate “stock market humour” atleast…:joy:


As always, the best humor is found in comments section :slight_smile:


Sorry I cant agree with you on this, I know it’s a humor thread but I felt little bit of insulting of my consciousness. To understand Buffet you need very positive attitude, a right mind. Here is the proof that Buffet’s principles do work if you follow him correctly. Disclaimer:- I invested in this portfolio since 1st June 2014 till now and my money just more than tripled in 4 years.


No bro why would I openly reject basic investing principles, please note i mentioned “in years like 2018”. Seemingly good decisions taken at a bad time can also trap you. I will tell why I told so -

  1. Investors blindly follow long term investing (not selling) in case of midcaps. Those midcaps which had run up 5-10X in past 5 years, disproportionate PEs. I have friends who had 80% profit in portfolios now in loss due to midcaps.

Again - 500% profit in 5 years, all washes in less than 5 months. So which decision is more important. Buying at lows or Selling at highs.

  1. Second biggest foolish words I hear from retailers is - Buy when others are fearful and sell when others are greedy. They apply this where? PC Jewellers. DHFL. Vakrangee. and 10 more such stocks.

One has to understand the overall market, we had LTCG applied in budget, market at disproportionate multiples, election year ahead.

So I only said it based on context of the market backdrop and if one understands market and where it can go, they would apply the same principles on the right stocks, at the right times.