Stock Market Humor


Did you balance it in between?



No bro, it was “buy it and forget it” kind of strategy. Now I may consider of rebalancing because of some better quality stocks came under fair value zone.


That’s what to call a joke :rofl: :laughing:



Downtime of zerodha is humor


From Twitter:




Here is one more
Poor guy






Maybe in 2018 he finally trust him. :rofl:



A Technical Analyst and a Fundamental Analyst are chatting about the markets in the kitchen.
Accidentally one of them knocks a kitchen knife off the table landing right in the fundamental analyst’s foot!

The fundamental analyst yells at the technician, asking him why he didn’t catch the knife?

“You know Technicians don’t catch falling knives!” , the technician responded. :slightly_smiling_face:

He in turn asks the fundamental analyst why he didn’t move his foot out of the way?

The Fundamental analyst responds, “ I didn’t think it could go that low”. :grin:


There was also a bystander (Retailer) observing the situation and eargly awaiting for break out or break down levels to enter into…


Good return!



Correction… I confirmed with RaGa
People are talking about where market will go.
RaGa in his mind:- where will go hmmm. Can any one tell me where it comes from.



And DIIs (SIPs) is the rod which is lying down below the Trendlynes rod


Retail investor in

2017: Lottery lag gayi

2018: Lo teri lag gayi


Amazon sale: