Stock Market Humor


seems to be an uncomposed song :laughing: . with nice music it could’ve been really nice


Here is another motivational video













Not directly related to stock market though but would like to share here…
But we can derive this type of situation in market as well…

Students go to flow engineering viva exam. The first goes in the class and the professor begins the viva with question:
-lets say you are traveling by train and its getting hot. What will you do?

  • Open the window. he answers.
  • Very good - the professor continues.
    The window has a surface of 1.5 m2, the compartment has a volume of 12 m3, the train speeds 80 km / h to the west, the south wind blowing at 5 m / s. How quickly will the space be refreshed?
    The student does not know the answer and fails the exam. He gets out and tell to the other student the question. The second goes in, and the professor begins with the questions:
    -Lets say u r traveling by train and getting hot. What will you do?
    -take off the coat - answers the student.
    “It’s very hot!” Continues the professor.
    -Take off my shirt and my vest.
    -It’s hot!
    -take off the pants and socks.
    “If someone comes and tries to harass the naked person,” said the angry professor.
    -O yea, let all the train harass me, i am not opening the window! :sunglasses::sunglasses:






Stock broker marriage invitation be like


this is hillarious :slight_smile:


Immature’s risk management


Technically and Fundamentally yours… Lol… :joy::joy::joy:

Days after the invitation the stock price of both companies soared to new highs leading investors to book profits and a fabulous wedding… :joy::joy::joy:


Can we keep the dividend :baby: :baby: :baby: :baby: :baby:


Dividends are to be paid out in 9 months :joy::joy:




Nice joke but roles were reversed.