Stock market scams and documentaries


Can anyone pls share the the good documenteries relating to business and stock market scams happened in india


Wolf of wallstreet!


This is a film

Can u share the link where we can get good documentary


check gafla movie

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Below are a few documentaries/movies related stock market, but not necessarily related to Indian scams, because there are not a lot of movies/documentaries on Indian scams or even the Indian Stock market.

  1. Gafla is an Indian movie, but still related to the Harshad Mehta and the scam.

  2. Inside Job” it is a documentary, but not an Indian Scam. It is related to the 2008 Financial Crisis which happened worldwide and why it happened. A must watch according to me, if you haven’t already.

  3. The Big Short”. It is a movie, but based on real characters and incidents. It is about how a group of people predicted the financial crisis and the housing market crash and went short on it before many people.

  4. The China Hustle” - Its a documentary on how small or even non-existent Chinese companies are till even today being hyped up and sold to US investors and added to the US Stock exchange.

There are atleast a few other documentaries/movies related to stock market, but i haven’t watched them, so cant comment on them.


Gafla? I really don’t understand wtf is that all about. It’s not really about markets!

That made like a gambling!


Hahah :smiley: , yes!
It doesn’t have much info about stock market.
It is more of a story of Harshad Mehta and the scam, i suppose.

But, i think that is the closest movie you would find related to Indian Stock Market or an Indian Stock Market Scam, that is why put it in the list.

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Entire movie i was expecting something about the stocks, After all, I realized, I’m really far better than anyone in the movie to know about stock market.

There is nothing. I feel it like Jannat movie made it with cheap quality with no concept.

Movie finished! But i don’t understand what was that all about!


Just look at the YouTube I bet there are more than enough here for any person, for any taste. Take a look here for example. I have not found full length movies, but I bet it’s more than enough.