Stock Market these days 🤣

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nice one!

just reminded this video , & searched from post of @rupeshmandal .
Its all time favorite, & commonly followed in stock market, which makes trend.

youtube recommendation when watching this :slight_smile:

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There is a lot of herd mentality in equity for sure :rofl: and greater fool theory too.

Even more so in crypto which have no fundas ! :slight_smile:

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Why are you so much against equity?

Not against equity. Its just I see it as investment(buy & hold) than to trade with. But lot of times herd mentality…uhem better term would be sentiment :sweat_smile: literally moves the equity markets and someone throws a bad news and that’s where things reverse(paytm, zomato etc). And fundamental analysis such as news events , earnings report , management etc do play a part .

Crypto, forex, gold & silver are moved by big whales, bears & bulls(big institutions I mean). they just need someone to throw the sentiment to get the party started.

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Its same with all classes of assets.

And the asset class you favour is the most manupilated one.

agree with that, but sentiment with equity is insanely lot and funnily also brings more dumb money too. but these days more of that dumb money has gone into crypto space from equity & forex.

Anyplace with large % gains in short time brings in the dummies. We cant help it i guess. I have been there too but thankfully not with too much risk.

It keeps fluctuating but it’s always a good source to make profits in the long run. You just need some skills, knowledge and luck to win.

i am making good returns with equity intraday and its true sentiment plays major role but if you learned that sentiment play then equity could be the most secure and rewarding instrument. if you have proper risk control then you hardly get any draw down.

Hahaha, especially with the sheep mentality that goes around.