Stock market to remain open on Saturday, Feb 1st 2020

Markets will remain open on Feb 1st, Saturday due to the Union Budget presentation for FY21. Exchange circulars below:

Equity segment.
Equity derivatives segment
Commodity trading on MCX
The CDS (currency) trading will remain closed.


Don’t think it’ll be. Apart from Muhurat Trading, don’t think Market’s have remained open on Saturday and Sunday’s and even then it’s only for hour or so, also there’s no such rule which says markets should remain open when union budget is presented.

It’s false actually. Before 2001 budget used to be presented on last friday of Feb at 5PM. The share market was used to open on the next day, a Saturday for trading. Since 2001, the Vajpayee government changed the timing of budget to 11AM from 5PM from 2001 there was no need to open on Saturday as budget came during market hours.

But it’s the biggest financial event of the year and surely investors and traders alike must be a chance to restrategize their portfolio keeping in mind the new provisions.

Our thoughts don’t matter much in the larger scheme of things. BSE MD & CEO Ashish Chauhan has confirmed to media that they will be open on the Budget day. Quoting Zee Business article
"Markets have remained open on the budget day even in the past and next year, things won’t be different. " However, he added that it is yet to be decided if trading will happen for the entire day or not. Chauhan assured the investors that they will be given enough time to complete their trade.

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Why should the market be open on Saturday just for budget?!?

Makes no sense…

Gapups and gapdowns are normal right…

If the market opens… Just for the sake of budget… Something :fish: must be there… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is there anyone who can do history check on this.

I remember that 2009 elections results came over weekend and market certainly had to feel the brunt of the “GAP OPENING”

So any big event in past where market opened on a holiday just for the event?

It is an opportunity… Think the other way around.

Ok… Agreed…

But think of it like this…

SEBI is schooling so many people in many ways… Why encourage ‘speculative activity on ONE Day’ ?

Just because BIG FISH want it ??

I dont want any answer… it is for people to ponder about…

Anyway… Enjoy…


But this is only BSE. What about NSE?

NSE is Baap of Satta, how can it be left behind

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Will the stock markets be operational on 1st Feb 2020?

Yes Equity F&O (derivatives) and commodity will remain open,
CDS (currency) will be closed and MCX timming (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

one of the most experianced trader comment


Sensibull :joy:

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For the New BEE trader the market will give continuous profit to him for a week or even a month , new trader will think i am a genius in the stock market , I WILL MAKE A MILLIONS IN A MONTH ,

I never seen those aggresive people in the market for long years
Because market SLAP him heavily in his trading account

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Yes, got a mail from another broker… NSE is also open… Normal timings