Stock move from one broker to other broker

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I have account in HDFC Securities. I have few stocks holding in that, I want to move the stocks to zerodha account. Please help me out. How transfer the stocks


How do I transfer shares from another DEMAT account to my Zerodha DEMAT?

For off-market transfer of shares, i.e to transfer shares into your Zerodha account, you need to use a DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip). DIS is similar to a bank cheque leaf which is used to move money from one bank account to another. With DIS you can move shares from one DEMAT to another.

To transfer shares from another DEMAT account to Zerodha DEMAT account, you need to fill up the ‘Delivery Instruction slip’ (DIS) the other broker provides & submit it to them along with a CMR copy provided by Zerodha. Below is an example of a DIS slip provided by Zerodha.


1. If you are closing your DEMAT account and transferring the shares from another broker to Zerodha, i.e ‘Closure cum transfer’ there won’t be any charges for the transfer. The other broker will charge you only if you use the DIS method to transfer your shares.

  1. After the transfer is complete, you will be able to view the shares in your holdings. However, the buy average will be shown as NA. You will have to manually enter the price at which you acquired these shares. Refer to this article to know how.

If the other broker asks for a CMR, refer here to know how to obtain your CMR.

Once the DIS slip along with the CMR is submitted it takes 2-4 days for the transfer to be completed.

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I have a peculiar situation here.

I had invested in some shares through Sharekhan and had a trading account which was closed.

I terminated my relationship with them because of fee related issues in 2007, but did not deactivate my demat account.

Fast forward few years and my then mobile number and email address etc are no longer active and in 2015 I went with Zerodha.

In hindsight I realise that I have no way of getting access to any shares in my demat account as my trading account was in negative balance because SK was not closing my account.

I foolishly just let it go unresolved.

At this point in time I want to access my demat account for which I have no idea how much SK might be accruing penalties.

Is there a way in which I can simply show my identity proof and pan number and request transfer of shares to Zerodha demat.

I understand that I have been negligent but I realise in hindsight that many stocks have yielded handsome returns and I don’t want to forego it for lack of proof of email address and phone number or SK related login IDs.

I will be grateful to you and everyone who is willing to help me with a solution

As far as I knw there is no way you will get away without paying the dues for SK. The longer you delay the higher the amount and eventually they may liquidate your holdings and they will use the money to pay themselves. You will have to open a trading account with them and attach this demat to that, sell the shares get ur money pay dues, transfer the rest to bank account. Close both demat and trading accounts.
This is just my opinion and I dunno any other way around it.

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I so appreciate your willingness to answer and your suggestion seems to be very wise.

Thank you

@Joe_Chris First and foremost get your latest e mail id , phone no and address proof registered with broker
You have to and you must pay the dues of the Demat or do you have broker dues too ? you can very much prove that you are the same person who terminated the relationship in 2007 ( not active with this broker ) by producing your pan card and (which will be same as was before 2007) .
you can also write to nsdl/cdsl as the case may be by enclosing Pan card copy and latest e mail id ,phone number and address with a request to send a statement of your holding .

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@KarthikNarayan ; it is not compulsory to re-activate the trading account with SK as he already has one with Zerodha . he can simply pay the dues which in all probability will be only demat charges (amc of demat if the value of his holding is more than 50,000 rs ) . after paying demat dues he can simply close the SK demat and transfer all his demat holding to zerodha .

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Thank you so much for the suggestion and for taking time out to address my situation.

Varsity and tradingqna will be the reason why I might never look beyond Zerodha.

It’s like a family here, exchanging thoughts and helping folks.

I have yearly trading account charges and yearly demat account charges accrued.

It was approximately 350 per year those days

As i understand there is is never a trading account charges (unless it is something like fixed charges per month without brokerage ) but only demat charges which is approximately 300-350 per year .applicable only if you have holding of more than 50 thousand rs in demat (market value ).

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Thank you for letting me know.

I should have been diligent in the very outset

Past is past . now settle with SK immediately .

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Surely, makes sense. Thank you for guiding me.
I will get in touch with SK

That’s very coold thing anyway, but what if you really want to move how that broker from whom you move will react on your deal here anyway. Does it sound somewhat good or not anyway ? I do not see anything like that for sure. Thanks for that.

Thanks for your reply. I want know where should I get the DIS slip and CRM copy

You should ask the DP/Broker where you hold your demat account, they would be able to give you the DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) & CMR (Client Master Report).

The DP where you maintain your Demat account MUST provide you DIS slip book and CMR at the time of opening of demat account . Later DIS slip will be provided on request as and when required similar to bank cheque book .
CMR can be provided anytime on request instantly on payment of nominal charges say about rs 5 .

DIS slip is required for doing off market transaction wherein CMR is required when you open trading account with broker , transmission / issue of duplicate / face value change, physical shares and receiving the same directly in demat ,

I am trying to move my holdings from my old broker to Zerodha using closure cum transfer method, but the old broker is taking several weeks to complete the process and now asking me to pay stamp duty charges. Why is this?

So to transfer shares to Zerodha demat (from non-zerodha broker) we can not use CDSL easiest ? if yes what is the procedure ? We have to add Zerodha as trusted user and current broker need to verify it before we can make an off-market transfer ? are there any charges by Zerodha for doing so? @shu

The CDSL Easiest method is not recommended.

If you want to transfer shares from other Demat account, you can know the process here.

Zerodha doesn’t charge you anything for transferring shares into your Zerodha Demat account, however the broker who you will be transferring from may charge.