Stock Options Selling Queries

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Please address my basic queries regarding cash secured put.

If I sell RIL 2000 PE at 30, for which margin requirement is below 1.5 lakhs, if by the end of the month’s expiry RIL’s price falls below 2000 and I want to take delivery what should be my approach, should I square off my PE first and then buy from the market OR let the contract expire ITM to get the shares considering the government taxes and other charges?

I lot would approximately cost around Rs. 10 lakhs, if suppose 2 lakhs I have in the form of LIQUIDBEES collateral and other 8 lakhs cash, in that case if the contract expires ITM, will zerodha automatically sell my LIQUIDBEES collateral and take away 8lakhs from the account to deliver 1 lot of RIL or before expiry they will square off my option contract stating insufficient money for delivery of shares?

Any experienced traders or moderators?

Yeah, I think better to close it and buy eq from open market.

If you have more than double the margin required(span+exposure) in cash we will not close your position but you need to bring in cash by next day, if not we may sell reliance stock or bees to make good for shortfall.

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Why do you suggest closing the option, is it because of higher charges/taxes of assignment?
Also is it possible if the option expires ITM then too it does not get assigned?

Yeah and .25% brokerage if they are assigned for physical settlement.
Also need to carry market risk for couple of days till shares hit demat.

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