Stock scanner for intraday

Hello fellow traders,

Do you know of any website which we can use for intraday scanning of stocks, Chartink is helpful but the 15 min delay in data is not helping

Sir, @Lakshmikanth_Jadhav I have not found any Better website Than NSE.

True the data is good, but can we scan stocks based on custom criteria on NSE?

Not very custom Sir, but In stock watch.

1.We can filter stock sector wise.
2.We can filter the Stock % Chng. (+ Or - )
3.We can filter the Stock % 30 days change.
4.We can filter the Stock % 365 days change
5.We can filter the Stock on Turnover (Cr) basis.
6.We can filter the Stock on Volume basis.

Yes, it can be done, @Lets_Invest thank you. :+1:
(I use this website to see stock which hit all time high.)
(I Use this website Just to see OPEN HIGH LOW Please Never take any position which this website recommend do your own analysis)

Can we build our scanner ?
anyone did it ?

@ganesh07 Yes, You can build your own scanner in Zerodha Pi.

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Can pi scan for 20 Days high/low

Sir i would suggest you to use chartink

Pi can scan based on Chart time frame.

If you select daily chart it will scan during back test.

In live mode also you can scan using daily chart.

Yehh, but chartlink is 15 Min delay hence finding another option

Any one tried 4 week breakout strategy ?

I prefer a 15 minute delay indicator over real time as it shows the pattern only when confirmed. A real time indicator may generate false patterns/signals. However real time data can be taken only after paying some fees. example trading view charge around 24 usd for nse real time.

Yes its based on own requirements. I prefer 5 min TF hence getting delay

i use 15 min time frame

You are in right direction as long time frame help to avoid unwanted spikes. I tried 15 min but cant able to continue

although it gives less trade opportunities but gives reliable one