Stock splits for the shares I sold after the split but before the delivery of split shares

I had 21 shares of SMS Pharma on the day of split 10:1, so I should get totally 210 of the split stocks. But I sold 20 of unsplit stock at the split rate the next day before they credited the 190 stocks. But I received only 10 (for 1 unsplit remaining in my) stocks so far. Can someone tell me what happens when you sell the stocks before the splits were credited in your DP account?

Purpose Rs. Ex-date Book Closure/Record Date
Stock Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/- -- 17-Dec-15 RD 18/12/2015

Ex-Date : As the name suggests, Ex-date is the date on which price effect will take place. Normally the price of the stock will drop to the extent of the split declared on the ex- date. If you holding stock on the Ex-date than you are eligible for the new share. 1387554941_emblem-important You will NOT get the shares in case you are buying the stock on the ex-date.

In your case if you sold shares on Ex-date (17-Dec-15)  your name will not come in the book of register for the 20 quantity which you have sold on Ex-date. Broker's name will come on company books for record and the shares will credit to brokers pool account. Broker have to transfer those shares to eligible share holder's account.