Stock trading is as easy as playing cricket!

Yes you read it right, stock trading is as simple as playing cricket. It is not even like the exciting T20 cricket, it is like Test Cricket.

In test cricket it is not the most flamboyant of players who make it to the top but it is the one who sticks to the basics and does the right things on every occasion. Test Cricket tests a lot about the individuals character and his ability to stay on the crease and keep playing for those singles and an occasional boundary. The batsman will have to work it out on the field. It is not the batsmen with the highest strike rate who makes it to the top but it is the batsmen with the highest average who is lauded.

Rahul Dravid & Yuvraj Singh
I admire Rahul Dravid and Yuvraj Singh for their contribution to Indian cricket, they are greats of the game. Rahul Dravid a great cricketer in both shorter format and test cricket but Yuvraj is a great one day player and no match to his striking power of the cricket ball. Even though they are greats of the game only Rahul Dravid was able to make it big in test cricketing arena. A trader should look to trade the markets the way Rahul Dravid would play his test cricket innings to be successful.

Trading is like Test Cricket you need to continuously keep playing for those singles all day long with occasional boundaries which come along the way. A trader rarely would get a home run but need to keep working on those small continuous profits which slowly keep accumulating to build a sustainable capital sufficient enough to later trade market neutral strategies which would still yield a sufficiently large profit in rupee terms. But in contrast traders assume Trading to be like T-20 cricket and try to hit a six every other ball and cause serious damage to the portfolios. Trading is more of doing the right things repeatedly and consistently for as long as possible. A test cricketer would still face each ball as per merit but would have analysed more about the pitch conditions and the bowlers he would be facing, Every trader should approach a trading day with lot of analysis and not think of taking it on as it comes. With such analysis and discipline a trader would definitely win in his trading game. This does not mean you would never face a loss but the odds of winning would out pace the losers.

Trade with discipline, If you want to trade successfully.

Happy Trading…!!

P.S. Reference to the two legends of cricket should only be viewed in the context of the article, we hold both of them with high honor.


"After being bowled out for 171 in response to Australia’s 445, India were sent in to bat again.

By the time Dravid came in to bat, India had lost 4 wickets for 232 runs. Saving the match looked like a mountain to climb, never mind winning it.

Dravid and Laxman had their backs against the wall. As Laxman clobbered the Aussies all over, Dravid sculptured an unspectacular but solid innings.

He had answers to everything that was thrown at him by Shane Warne, Jason Gillespie, Michael Kasprowicz and the other Aussie bowlers. The fact that he was run out is proof of the same.

He reached 100 by smashing Warne to the fence and his celebration showed how much this century meant to him. It was the beginning of an era.

Dravid’s innings helped India to a 600+ second innings total and eventually one of the greatest turnarounds in the history of Test cricket. As John Wright likes to put it, this indeed was the greatest comeback since Lazarus."

Dravid celebrating his epic hundred at the Eden Gardens

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Very Simple. Gotta have balls. Without balls, u cant play either of them.

When u start playing u gotta go balls deep


I have immense respect for Dravid but do not agree to your analogy. Just to prove a point you picked up Yuvraj as he was not successful in Tests.

There are also likes of Virat, Dhoni, Tendulkar, Saurav, and not to forget Sehwag who were flamboyant and aggressive as well as very successful in Test Cricket.

There is no 1 rule in trading. People should do play their own game while adjusting to changes in situation.

Basically above analogy of comparing trading to test cricket makes no sense.


Yeah Stock Trading is like Cricket …Just like every Tom,D… and Harry talks, thinks and gives his opinion,expertise about cricket on TV,roadside etc , so does every Tom, D, and Harry gives his opinion,analysis and expertise on Stocks on TV, this place roadside etc.


I think Stock Trading is more like more like Football, you get kicked here and there and if you dont defend or Goalkeep properly you are in for Massacre


You forgot your name itself is HARRY.


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My point in the above post was to highlight the importance of discipline in trading. I hold all these players with great respect for their contribution.

Accumulating small profits to slowly build a portfolio with discipline is the gist of the article. Like you mentioned this is how i look at markets small consistent profits, it might be different for others.

Above reference of two legends of cricket should only be viewed in the context of this article and nothing else.

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