Stock trading with mobile phone

Did anyone on ZERODHA trading with mobile phone then please tell me how to do that and which mobile phone is good for stock trading and what precautions we have to take when we do trading on mobile phone , hope people can help me in that , thanks

If you can afford go for low cost laptop along with phone.

Any Smart Android mobile you can use , go for good quality , like Apple , Samsung with screen size above 5" Download & install Kite App, Like @Prakhar_Agrawal said, if you can afford to, go for a Laptop

Which type of problem I can face if I do trading through mobile phone

In this lockdown I’m trading with only one mobile phone. Dur to my shop close in this situation

Biggest problem with phone is you can’t properly see candel sticks and can’t use more than one indicators, ofcourse you use more than one but mobile screen size

Using a phone for stock trading is possible but i am not a fan of it. Immean like you know how small the screen of phones are. Even the largest screen is just not large enough. If I am to use a phone then I use a tablet. A tablet has a large screen and can even multitask with the new splitscreen mode feature of android 8 going up. If you want ti use your phone then go ahead. Even phones can hadle multitasking. Some people do not have laptops so they use their phones. It is possoble and you should do it if you feel like it is the only option you have or you are comfortable with it. Just make usre to get a highend phone. Trading apps are really heavy on the cpu.