Stock warrents and how to excrise

How to I excrise my mold tek warrents

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The exercise period for Warrants will begin one month from date of allotment of Warrants.

The Company/RTA will send you Warrant Excercise Form before the Warrant Excercise Period starts. This form will also be made available for download on Company’s website.

When you wish to exercise your Warrants, you will have to fill the Warrant Exercise Application Form and send it to Mold-Tek Packaging, along with cheque / demand draft / pay order favouring “MOLD TEK PACKAGING LIMITED SPECIAL WARRANTS ACCOUNT” for the requisite amount along with a photocopy of the delivery instruction, or counterfoil of the delivery instruction, duly acknowledged by the Depository Participant (“DP”), in favour of the Special Depository Account to the Registrar to the Issue.

Before you send the Warrants Exercise Application Form along with other required documents you will have to transfer these Warrants to Special Depositary Account opened by the RTA with NSDL in name of “MTPL RIGHTS DEMAT ESCROW ACCOUNT - WARRANTS”. You can read more in process for off-market transfer here.

Once you have submitted all the documents, the equity shares allotted on exercise of valid Warrants will be credited to the same demat account from where the Warrants have been credited within 15 days from the date of the meeting of the Rights Committee to allot the Equity Shares.

For more information you can also reffer to page No. 143 on Letter of Offer.

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Hi @ShubhS9 ,

Have you converted your warrants into equity shares yet? I was looking for some help on the process.

I hold some warrants of Mold Tek that I wanted to convert into Equity Shares. My DP is Sharekhan.

When I went to fill in the DIS Slip, there is a Reason Code that we have to provide for the Off Market Transaction. Are you aware of what is the Reason Code that one has to provide?

I checked with the DP, but they are not aware and they said to ask the Company.

I asked the Mold Tek Company Secretary and they mentioned a code of 99 OTHERS, but that doesnt seem to be there in the NSDL list of defined codes for Off Market Transactions. Now the Company Secretary is saying to check with the DP.

If you have converted your warrants into shares, what is the code that you provided?

Hello, were you able to convert the Mold Tek warrants into equities ?


I have submitted the application form. The management meets usually in the mid of the month to approve warrant conversions. So I anticipate that my shares will get converted by 20th Sept

Here is the process for your reference:

  1. Fill up the DIS Slip with the DP with the Reason code(I used Reason Code of 29 (Deposit of securities with Escrow Agent and its return)) and specify execution date. The DP keeps the original slip with them and gives you a counterfoil.

  2. On the transaction execution day, you must provide your consent, following which the warrants will move from your DP Account to Ventura’s account. Early morning at around 7.30AM I received an sms as well as an email from NSDL with a link to confirm the transaction. Clicking the link takes you to the NSDL eServices website where you have to enter your PAN and then confirm the transaction.While confirming the transaction, you can clearly see the Target DP(Ventura Securities) , Target Client(MTPL Rights Demat Escrow Account Warrants), Quantity, etc.

  3. After providing consent, by evening, the warrants get debited from your DP and you can no longer see them. Thus you know that your warrants have got transferred into the DP Account.

  4. Courier the application form, demand draft(you can also use cheque/pay order), and a copy of the counterfoil to Mold Tek(Address specified on the application form)

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