stock with different buy prices

if i buy stock X at two different prices. where in kite /Q i can see the details .
also i can select to sold X with a particular buy price.Thanks

If you buy a stock at different prices, you’ll see the average price on Positions page.

I didn’t get this?

let say i buy stock X at Rs.150 and Rs.200.
today X is at 170. so i have profit with stocks of 150. so i want to sell stocks of price 150. how i can do that.

You must be new in stock market.
Ek burger 100 ka kharida, dusra 200 mein. You got the average price of 150 dude.
Any ways, Zerodha will take care of selling earlier bought stock only

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there is difference between burger & stocks.
you buy & consume burger. thats it.
stocks are supposed be sold later. thats why buy & sell price matter

There is no difference between a stock that is bought earlier or later. Just imagine you are buying gold coins over a period of time at difference prices. Now when you decide to sell some gold coins, it doesn’t matter which gold coin you are selling, you may be storing them together.

Hi @Deepak_Gupta1,

The shares that you bought will be the first ones to leave, this follows the FIFO rule(First in First out)
so assume you buy 10 shares at 150 and another 10 shares at 200, the average buy price will show as 175
If you decide to sell 5 shares at say Rs. 170
The at the backend you will be left with
5 shares which you bought at 150
10 shares which you bought at 200

the average of the remaining 15 shares will be 183.33

Hope this helps.


Don’t worry about stocks or burgers.
You are novice dear!
hote hote hoga beta. Time lagta hai. Paisa bada ulajhata hai!!!
Can you consider shares as Notes/coins?!!
Bappu ne 10 saal pehele 100 ka note diya. Uss zamane me 100 ki kitni kimat thi!! Right?
Kal Mummi ne 100 ka dusra note diya. Of course wrt 10 yrs back aaj usi 100 rs ki kimat kam hai.
Ab bazar me jaake kisi bhi note ko kharch karke burger khao. Kya fark padta hai?

Or you can consider shares as Whisky!!
Bihar/Gujarat mein ek bottle 2000 ki kharidi (black mein)
Goa jake dusri 1000 mein kharidi.
Tera toh equation 3000 mein 2 bottle hua na? 1 bottle 1500 ki.
Ab konsi bhi bech de MUmbai mein 1200 mein.
Tera toh per bottle 300 nuksan hi hua na!
1000 wali becha toh 200 fayda or 2000 wali becha to 800 nuksan! aisa thodi hi hota hai?