Stocks bought by Mutual Funds

These are some of the top buying of mutual funds in Feb 2024.
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Who is selling 8600 crores of HDFC?

Does this count one MF selling to another? Kinda dilutes the value a bit then

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This includes bulk and block deals and open market buying by all mutual funds…in the month of Feb 2024.

Thanks for sharing the source. Mutual funds’ top purchases in February 2024 include Reliance Industries Ltd., HDFC Bank Ltd. and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. These choices likely reflect confidence in their performance and growth potential.

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Some of the top picks of Mutual Funds in March 2024

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Not sure where you are sourcing this data from. But there is a good chance that for large caps, at least some (or lot) of this would be arbitrage positions. Tracking absolute numbers is not of much use.

Investors need to do some basic fundamental research such as PE ratio PB etc… and also check based on delivery volumes of last month and try to find their purchase price…i shortlisted NLC india and AdityaBirla sunlife AMC…for long term…

Some of the stocks bought by mutual funds in April 2024.

source : Stocks held by Mutual Funds | RupeeVest