Stocks game for knowledge n fun ... (Antakshari)

Hi guys, we can play a small game in this thread. Do u remember your childhood days when there was a small game played with songs?
It was Antakshri! One had to sing a song & the next person had to sing a song which would start from the letter which ended in previous song.
Or as like ATLAS game of schooldays where u would tell a name of a country with the letter ended in previous name.

Here if we can randomly play this with stocks names.

For example, I start with ADANI PORTS. It ends with S. Next person has to name stock with S. & so on endlessly.

Its not a kiddish game. By playing this game, we all can get to know about hundreds of unheard stocks names at the same u won’t get bored.

Yes otherwise we don’t bother to look for other midcaps small caps. But if we start playing this game, soon we will end up with Blue chips, nifty stocks , large caps & have to move for searching midcaps n small caps.

Rules of this game are - Try not to repeat the name of stocks which have been named already.

If u are regular to this thread then u will stay updated with stocks names.

Ok, I will start this game!


(now the next person has to name a stock starring letter F)


Future Retail.

Larsen and toubro

Orchid pharma

acc cement


LT Foods.

star cement



Adani ports

Sun Tv.


Vedl - Vedanta Limited


Tata Steel

LIC Housing Finance.


Deepak Nitrite.