Stocks selection

Hello all the experts, I watch on YouTube that various traders post videos on ‘stocks for trading next day’ and those stocks perform well next day. My question is what kind of mechanism they use to identify such stocks?

Hey, why don’t you try out Varsity by Zerodha to find out how all this works.
The second module will give you an insight into Technical Analysis which is mainly used by traders to determine the direction of the stock.

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Thanks brother, I check it today

Here are five such guidelines.

  1. Trade Only with the Current Intraday Trend.
  2. Trade Strong Stocks in an Uptrend, Weak Stocks in a Downtrend.
  3. Be Patient; Wait for the Pullback.
  4. Take Regular Profits.
  5. When the Market Stalls, Don’t Play.

Here are quick references. Hopefully this will help you -