Stocks that don't follow technical indicators/ operator driven

Have you ever come across a stock that don’t follow technical indicators and seems to be operator driven? Could you name them? So far i have seen 5 such stocks

  1. adani enterprise
  2. adani ports
  3. Acc
  4. JSPL
  5. divis lab

This list may prevent traders like us from a trap of operators

here are my takes


all are frequently go for FNO for deliberate reasons best known to respective operators.

Sir almost all the stocks in mid cap and large cap are operator driven.but I followed expensive stocks like MRF, Bosch, eicher, maruti etc are some name which are strictly follow technicals. But not all the time.
Sir after heavy losses I decided not to follow any technical on overnight position . and decided to just flow with the market in any deriction it want . because we retailers are just a small fish in the ocean. May be I am wrong but its a fact .


Not only technicals now a stocks not following even Fundamentald also.

Look at HEROMOTORS. It was at all time at the time of showing Highest sales in September next day it started falling. Down 10%

Now Maruti is doing it. Look PFC RECLTD.

there is a pattern. They went up for no reason and down for no reason. Fundamentally nothing changed in the last one year.

So BIG BOYS wants exit at high point.

Don’t invest if stock is near all time high.

It should be at least 10% away from all time high with good fundamentals

If it is small cap then 30% away from all time high


Mother son sumi
Eicher motors
Tata group companies
Ashok Leyland
Abbott India

I have such with new stocks initially and then it stops following any technical indicator. Even sometime price action are deceiving. Following are the list of stocks that I am more than 100% confident are operators driven. I have made profits and then loss in each of them following strict discipline and proven strategy in Intraday.

  1. Vodafone -IDEA
  2. Power Finance Corp
  3. Punjab National Bank.

All 3 of them are Nifty 100 stocks. Difficult for small fish like us to survive with rising HFT and Operator manipulations. SEBI knows everything but doesn’t want to interfere. Does anyone know why?

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stocks which regularly goes under FnO ban …
we use to see 17/18 stocks in fno ban earlier , but now hardly 3/4 stocks goes under fno ban

Wow, from alleged operator driven to one of the world’s richest :face_with_peeking_eye: