Stop Loos & Trigger

I want to know how to place Stop Loss 7 Trigger (Book profit) values on zerodha. e.g if I bought NIFTY @ say 11449 & want to put stop loss at 11400 & Trigger (Book Profit) at 11500 whethet I have to put actual figure or as Stopp Loss 49 & Trigger (Book Profit) as 51?
Pl guide.

Put the stoploss and target price in relative to the purchase price (in this case ₹11449).

So stoploss will be 49 points and target will be 51 points.

Watch this video:
NOTE: in the video he mentions it as absolute value but I believe he meant relative.

ok thanks

Dear Rohit
Thanks for answer. But there seems to be confusion. Today when I put full price it got rejected. This is on Zerodha. Can you clarify further specifically for Zerdha. It will be easy to understand if you call me on 9892900937