Stop Loss executed

Hi Zerodha,
I had put stoploss at 9 and trigger at 9, the LTP is 10.35 still my stop loss got executed.

There is a chance of some sort of a slippage or a sharp price drop. Check on a 1 min chart if the SL price was hit. sometimes it wouldn’t be visible on a longer timeframe chart.

see at 12.20 HDFCBANK is trading at range of 2150 to 2148 and there is no chance of CE option to drop 2 points …please clarify me

see the range of trading 2150 to 2149 that too on 1 minute time frame…12.20 to 12.21

I am not sure if this is helpful but this is the chart for the option script you mentioned.

correct this one only…why the slippage should happen in option when there is no huge change in price of the scrip

Hey @sekhar916,

The following post explains why this can happen sometimes -

considering that HDFCBANK might have down by atleast 15 points right