Stop loss in Bank nifty Option Intraday Trading

Hello All,
Please clarify my doubts based on below conditions.
As you able to see , In this particular frame, PREMIUM Amount is 66 INR .
Supopse I placed a order.

  1. Buy Order type :- NRML at MRKT price
    Quantity :- 40 [As 1 slot]
    After click on “Buy”, My Order placed…
    Now Suppose I want to put Sell order for this with limit… like at 70 INR , it will sell and also want to put stop limit as 64 INR.
    Now please tell me how to use to set my Target as well as My Stop limit also.
    Thanks in advance.

use bracket order

Hi @nandan_priya

In option trading use always limit order to buy or sell, in case of nifty 50 and banknifty it is ok to place market order.
Once your order get executed you can place sell order at 70 rs keeping limit order and this order will be pending, and place another sell order by using SL ORDER and keep the trigger price as 64 and price as 63.5 so that if market goes against you then you order will get executed in between 64-63.5.
The best price available and after any order got executed it may be target or SL always remember to cancel the pending order. If forgot and market ranges in that price it will get executed as fresh order. Please refer the link below for more.

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Stock option not allowed for bracket order.

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I would like to suggest one more thing here.
Don’t put very tight Stop-loss.
There will be more higher Chances that your Stop-loss will trigger in Just few Minutes After placing this order.

Give some space to swing the Price.

One more thing If you wanna take the advantage of momentum Place a Order with Very tight Stop-loss.
So, that if everything goes right you will make profit.
If anything goes wrong you will not Make Bad Loss.

I would also suggest not keep naked Positions in Nifty & BANKNIFTY overnight.


Hi Velmurugan,

BO is not available into Bank nifty Option Trading.


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Hi Abhishek ,
So according to you , I have to place 3 seperate order to achieve it…
Order 1 :-
Order - Buy Order / Type LIMIT / Premium 10 INR / Slot 1 [40 quantity]
In this , 400 INR margin will be used from my account.
Order 2 :-
Order - Sell Order / Type LIMIT / Amount Enter “11 INR” / Slot 1 [40 quantitiy]
In this, no extra margin required… It is kind of free. once my option premium will reach 11 INR , it will execute and I will make profit of 40 INR.
Order 3 :-
Order - Sell Order / Type SL / Amount Enter in TRIGGER PRICE “9 INR” and PRICE “8.5 INR” / Slot 1 [40 quantity]
In this, no extra margin required… It is kind of free. once my option premium will reach between 8.5-9 INR , it will execute and I will make loss of 40-45 INR.

Please reply as Am I correct ? and I understood correctly or not.
Thanks in Advance.

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Sure , Thanks for your quality suggestions. :grinning:

Yes your right. But trading in options will have high volume so make sure you don’t get hit by SL ending in loss.:slight_smile:

Sure … Thanks

I am trying to put Stop Loss for in case of swing market… But not able to put…

Please tell me what is wrong here.

I don’t think Market volatility allowing to put Stop-loss Specially Index.
It’s Better to Hegde rather then using Stop-loss.

High Chances of Stop-loss triggering when we look at Market volatility at Present.

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Can I take long Buy Position in Next month Bank nifty Option as CE Buy…?

yes, you can buy options for present month, near month and far month. So, you can take trades in 3 months contract but remember that you squareoff the position by last thursday of that particular month by 3:20 pm.

In this you if you are placing sell SL order then trigger price is less than price, switch the prices. In prices section mention as 60.5 and in trigger price section place 60. it will get into pending order.