Stop Loss in Streak

NSE is stopping SL-M orders and Kite already stopped accepting SL-M orders. Only SL-L orders are possible.

However when deploying a strategy via streak, it still raise SL-M orders and I see that Kite is rejecting the same.

How to create SL in a strategy deployed via Streak?

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@Streak can you.

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Hi @arjunmohan91 ,

SLM is not available for Stock and Index options only. Hence you will not receive an SLM notification for Option strategies. Instead, Streak will send you a notification for SL to place a Market order, when your SL criteria is met. When you receive the SL notification, you can change it to Limit as well.

Note that SLM order is still available for other products and is optional in Streak, which implies, then even if you do not place an SLM order the strategy will not be affected and an actionable notification will be sent once the SL/Target is triggered, over there at the time of exit, you can use either Limit or Market order to exit as per his own requirement.