Stop Loss Limit Orders in Stock Options on Kite

Can I place a Stop Loss Limit Order for Stock Options? Also simultaneously can I put a target order in stock options? If yes, than how can I do it?
Kindly explain. Thanks.

hello trader,

YES, you can place a LIMIT Stop Loss order using Kite.

To place your target order as well separately along with your SL order , you need extra margin in your trading account…

Okay Thanks. In stock options to put a Target limit order seperately along with stop loss limit order, why will I need extra margin?

Check this video, is explained well.

This is because option buying risk is limited and shorting risk is unlimited. Hence When you place two exit orders, for a buying option position, the second order you take (either exit or target) needs to have additional margin.

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Thanks Nithin. I understood.

Is the low stop loss % for option buying in CO/BO of 20% really required? Especially in Bank Nifty 150 points volatile intra day movement is common, placing 150 points stop loss in BN options is not possible in CO/BO orders unlike in futures CO/BO orders.
Considering you are giving 1.4 X leverage in CO/BO option buying, for that blocked amount to exhaust you can allow stop loss % as 60 -70% of total option price i guess.
I can understand we can Buy it in NRML order or MIS at 1 X leverage and separately put a stop loss order, but it is a matter of convenience in CO order where we can exit at one go… Pls consider this for options CO/BO order if it is possible…