Stop loss not hit order executed

its not for zerodha platform
yesterday my wife’s stoploss order @ 670 rs got executed at different broker showing stop loss triggered voltas stock though never touched that level nse site shows lowest level is 671.50 at a difference 1.50 rs causing me substantial loss. should i complain @ scores please helpstoploss

This is not possible as brokers don’t execute orders but exchanges does.
Tell more about the situation.

  1. Did you already have a position and the SL order was to exit or was to enter new position.
  2. Also you must have received a email from nse itself with trade details do check it.

I already had that position from last six month due to coronavirus and supply issues I have put stop loss
670 but I can’t see this level anywhere on NSE BSE ambibroker. Just after my execution of trade the stock went up 3% .

Did you see the trade details pdf emailed by nse ?

Are you client of ICICI direct
Some thing like this happened to me also

Just launch a complaint with NSE and within 15 minutes a fellow from NSE called me up and he he told me that NSE does not record each and every trades so technically it’s possible that the stop loss of 670 might be Triggered but as a sympathy he told me I am going to forward this query to your broker and I am not closing your enquiry.
i asked why u keep this system so complex it should be yes or no.

i kept on pressing why this happen with sell side only never with buy side

It happened with me too on 7th Feb in GRASIM.
At 12:42, I bought it at 794 (Cover order) with SL at 790.
But at 13:24:28, my SL order got executed at 790.10.
I checked charts on various platforms and all of them shows it made low of 790.20 at that time.
So I don’t understand how my SL was hit.

Guess, this link explains about the order executions and why investors/traders unable to find the price on charts.


Today my SL also hit on PVR. I was on sell side. My SL was on 1785. I sold at 1780. Price high was 1782 but SL triggered . And immediately stock went to 1760. Very very bad .Not at all trader friendly.